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There are many trends in marketing in recent times which include programmatic advertising, personalization, influencer marketing, AI-Powered Optimization, Video Marketing and Chatbot and Conversational Marketing.

The trend I would like to briefly blog on is conversational marketing.

Conversational Marketing is marketing that talks to consumers. This can be done through live chat, chatbots, voice assistants or other forms of conversational AI.

Conversational marketing will talk to your customers and provide answers to questions that they ask. Converse with the people that you want to promote your business, this will help to build your credibility and trust. It is similar to human interaction and as such it can bring more people to do business with you.

You will need to talk to those that do not know you. The way you do this is to use a chatbot or voice assistant. Some people hate talking to a bot, but for those that do it is really helpful. They can ask questions and the bot will respond and give the answer.

You will also need to be able to answer them in general terms. It will ask some questions in general terms to show its expertise. Then when the conversational marketing is done will give a full answer in detail. So you will need to be able to do this as well.

Conversational marketing with chatbots is also helpful to do some search engine optimization as it can do keyword research and provide data. It can use its knowledge of the internet to provide answers to them. It can also provide you better placement in results. This is helpful to do search engine optimization.

Voice assistants are also helpful to do many things, in particular to build your business. It can answer calls at home, show you the news on your computer and ask questions and give answers. These are really useful. You will need to be able to use the bot for a long time in order to get the best results. It will also be helpful to do some marketing. It will also be helpful to manage your emails.

That is the basics of conversational marketing, but it can be a little overwhelming. There are many more things that conversational marketing can do, but this will get you started. Your bot needs to be a good conversationalist.

You will need to keep practicing. The more you do this, the better you will get at it. You will need to be able to give general answers and some specific answers. It also needs to be able to provide the answer that fits what you are trying to do. If it doesn’t, then you will get some unusual results.

In general, a conversational bot will be able to give more specific answers. And there are some that will be able to do both, but the better ones are able to do one or the other. That is helpful if you want to do both.

The one thing that is helpful to be able to do is ask questions and get answers. This is useful to do as many different things as possible. It will not get confused by some of the more complicated queries.

This is helpful to do research, for example. It will be able to provide you more answers than you could get from reading the book alone. This is helpful to do sales pitches, how to hire a conversational marketing bot, and how to do your product videos, among other things. 

This is also useful to do customer support. It will tell you what you can do to be better. This will get you up and running much faster than doing it by yourself. This will also help you if you need some help and it will give you more answers for what you are trying to do. If it is good enough, then you will get many more answers than you asked for. The question is how good is your bot?.

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