Ways Improve Customer Loyalty -Loyalty Program Marketing

Ways Improve Customer Loyalty -Loyalty Program Marketing

Like to get a free gift for subscribing, is that okay? 

As usual, here’s the way we do it in my firm: 

* What do you like to subscribe for? – Let’s get specific. 

Once you’ve stated what you want to receive, we go through the list of things we’ve mailed to your home. We usually do a mailing every quarter or so for an “I’ve Been Hired” kit. This is a sample kit you receive if you do any kind of work for your company. Usually, there are sample payment amounts and amounts to reflect a typical billing cycle. If you don’t have a typical billing cycle, let us know so we can figure that out. We do then go through the whole mailing and check for that you want. Sometimes we’ll send a few extras just in case you want them. Sometimes we don’t. 

We’ll usually set up your mailing schedule based on what you’ve told us is most important to you and what we know you’ll be wanting before we start. Once we’ve done that, we’ve mailed your items. If you have a mailing agreement with us, we’ll mail the items in your package. If not, we’ll do that too. If we have the correct address you’ve told us, we’ll make a substitution envelope for you. 

* Why would you like the products? – Sometimes people will have asked that before and answered that they “like the shirts”. Sometimes they’ll tell us they “love” to get pens. Maybe you’ve heard someone say they “want the pens”. Often, the reason they’re asking for the products is because they’re getting something else that they also want. For example, I’m frequently asked for calendars. Usually, I tell them I don’t have any. Sometimes, someone will tell me that they “love” to get compacts. The person then gets a beautiful stainless steel Compaq DeskCal, but also gets a $50 coupon for Macy’s. 

Sometimes, if you have a mailing agreement with us, you’ll receive a package of goodies that you’ve consented to get. That’s called a “mailing coupon”. It’s different from a coupon we send your way if you’re not on a mailing agreement, which is a separate item we mail you for a price you’re quoted. We never send you multiple coupons for the same item. 

How often do you get coupons for pens and calendars? 

We’ll never do it unless we absolutely have to. No matter how tempting it may be. 

Even if you’re asking for a coupon, we will never “purchase” your loyalty. As an example, one time we were watching a YouTube video on how to make ice cream. My son wanted to try making ice cream. I’m sure you can imagine the result. One of the guys in the video was making ice cream with a Ninja. My son asked me if he could borrow it. I said sure. He borrowed it and it was his responsibility to keep it oiled and working. Within a few minutes he realized that the oiling tool was on the side and he couldn’t really reach it. So he put kitty litter in the hole in the ice cream maker. I’m pretty sure that he got a warning or two from me, but he never got a coupon for the ice cream maker. No, we did not “purcha” your loyalty to us. We did not do that. 

As I said earlier, we were saving ourselves some money and you weren’t, that’s why we wanted to borrow your product. All in all, we kept our promise to you and you didn’t even realize you were getting a coupon for the Ninja. 

When you get a coupon for our product, it’s not because we talked about it in our mailings, it’s because we took action and used it. All in all, we kept our promise to you and you didn’t even realize you were getting a coupon for the Ninja. We didn’t violate your trust either. You didn’t think that we were trying to trick you. You thought that we were trying to save yourself some money. 

The “save yourself some money” coupon we sent you should have come with a reminder that it’s supposed to be a save you money, not a save your loyalty. If you get a coupon that only applies to your company, we were acting in your best interest, but it’s still not in your best interest to buy our ice cream, but not that we did something wrong.