10 Steps to Making Money From Your Videos-Increase Your YOUTBE Channel Watchtime

10 Steps to Making Money From Your Videos-Increase Your YOUTBE Channel Watchtime

So your not a very good actor and don’t have the wherewithal to pull off a good YouTube video. Don’t despair, you can make do with what you’ve got and still have success with YouTube. Here are 5 suggestions to help you up your YouTube game.

  •  Create an engaging description box – After uploading your video, you will be asked to write a description of why you think this video is worth uploading. Your description is where you can engage your viewers and try to make them take action by donating, liking your page, subscribing, or clicking the play button. Make sure your description contains some good call to action language that tries to invoke a desire for them to do something. One good tactic is to ask your viewers to follow a link or copy and paste the word “like” into their browser.
  • Try not to make it too long – YouTube frowns on videos that run longer than 8 minutes. If you’ve got a better idea, get to work implementing it!
  • Create some good “proper” titles – The title is very important. Don’t put “Best Money Making Secrets” in your title. You need to put your main cash cow right in the title. Make sure it’s bold and can be modified to read “Best Money Making Secrets!” That will get clicks and entices your viewers to click
  •  Try to optimize your video’s videosite – You should be able to find your video by searching on YouTube. But why would people be able to find your video on YouTube if you’ve neglected to optimize your videosite? Well, when people are looking for a video on YouTube, YouTube has software that will pop up your video and link to your videosite. It’s a win-win situation for you and your videosite. Your videosite will get traffic and you get credit for another video!
  •  Create a good tagset – Make sure your tags are related to your video. Don’t create tags for your video that don’t apply. Some of the best tags I’ve seen are “how to make money” “how to make money online” “how to make money on YouTube” These specific tags get good clicks and entices your viewers to click…
  •  Write an insightful description – Be sure to add some good content to your video. Write a good description that has relevance to your video. The description tells your target audience what your video is all about. It can provide valuable information and can entice them to donate, share, or subscribe.
  • Test and analyze your video – This can be very valuable to you. The more knowledgeable your viewers are about what your video can do, the more enticed they will be. It’s one of the reasons why YouTube is so popular. You’ll find that people who are already aware of a topic are much more likely to give you money or share your video. They’ll already be enticed.

The video marketing secret that seems to work the best is the long form video description. It usually gets the most clicks, views, and subscriptions. Here’s another secret – You can earn money from each individual video if you take full advantage of your videoviews. There’s nothing worse than watching a video that gets a lot of views yet you’re wondering what to do with the extra views. Just go ahead and upload the video to YouTube and use the extra views to put your video on your blog or website, make another video, or pay for another video.

  •  Do some searching and posting – Go out and start discovering new websites that may be of interest to you. Browse around. Find out what’s hot and what’s not. Try to be involved in a variety of websites so you can reach a wider audience. Get out there.
  • Make use of your social media – Be sure to utilize your social media sites. Your customers and followers are using these sites and if you’re not too, you’ll be given permission to use them too. This will help build awareness of your product and also help others discover your product. Also, if you post frequently on social media sites you will grow a loyal following, the same way YouTube has grown a loyal following. This is a great way to take advantage of your business channel.
  • Use your video to redirect – Once you’ve started posting videos on a regular basis, start redirecting traffic to your blog, landing page, or other websites. Just put your video onto a new webpage and start promoting your video there.

Your YouTube earnings can start to build up quickly once you begin to follow these 10 secret steps. The good thing about YouTube is that it’s so easy to start uploading videos and they pay very well. I’m sure you can find other ways to earn money from your videos.