How To Get More Views On YouTube-hack the strategy for free

How To Get More Views On YouTube-hack the strategy for free

As one of the greatest promoting patterns, video alone will make up more than 82% of all web traffic by 2021, as indicated by industry estimates. Yet, the issue is that video content is much heavier than text-based substance, making it really difficult to get shared across the web. In order to get your content noticed, it is important to use a video submission tool that makes it possible for you to make use of video marketing and reap the rewards.

The video submission tools currently available fall in two general categories: a web-based application or a desktop application. With the former, you have to upload your videos to a server and then wait for them to show up in search results. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on your particular niche. The latter requires that you sit down and type specific text into a web form, and then once your submissions are finished, you can then sit back and wait for your content to get picked up by search engines. The problem with this model is that you will likely only see a very small percentage of your submissions reach the top pages in search results.

With the advent of the desktop-based submission tool, you can now focus on the submission part of the whole marketing process, rather than just getting your content seen. While the cost of the service is still lower than hiring a web service, the quality of the service seems to be lacking. The one feature that I have always appreciated about the desktop-based submission tool is that you can edit your submitted videos beforehand, making it easier to get found in a few specific places. If you are a video creator, then this will be a tool you will surely take advantage of. If not, then it may be a tool you pass on to another.

As of now, the only submission tool I use that relates to creating video is the one I mentioned above. The only issue I had with this tool is that the process requires you to go into a website, select a niche, and then select a “video” sort of thumbnail image. However, once your video is uploaded, the video sort should take care of the thumbnails for you. This is a pretty basic concept, and I wish it could be more prominent. If you want to add tags to your videos (which you should since this will help people find you), you must go into a website and pick a tag sort. After that, the tool provides a drop-down where you can pick the tag format (MPG, WMV, AVI, MOV, etc).

  • If you want to publish your video via video host such as YouTube, then you must do this before you add your video information to your YouTube profile. The only reason why I made it here is because, once you upload your video, the main profile page will disappear and a dropdown menu will appear. You must add your tags for your video in this menu. The thing about the videos that have tags applied to them is that there is no way to change them once they are uploaded. So, the only way to edit these videos is by going to the profile page and adding your tags again. This process does take up a lot of time, but it is a vital step in gaining more views.
  • If you would like to edit your video once uploaded, then you must edit your video once in YouTube. Once your video has been edited, then you must edit your video again in the main YouTube site. After the edit process has been completed on your video, then you must go back to YouTube and pick a new Title and Tags.
  • Another very important step is to pick a category. The categories are Music, News, Education, Culture, Business, and Sport. If you click on the categories, you will see that there is no way to select another one.
  • The other things that you must do is pick your Region, Language and Picture. If you go to your profile page, then you will notice that you have a list of your works on the side. If you click on your video, then you will see a small section below that allows you to pick another Title and Tag
  • Of course, when the process is completed, you will be able to change your tags again. By doing all these things, you will achieve the most views possible.
  • After you complete all of these steps, then your video should be in the top spots of YouTube and the main video sites such as Google Video and YouTube. If not, then you did not follow each step exactly as it was given to you.

If you would like to learn more about video marketing, then I would suggest you visit YouTube. Click on the site and get started with your marketing.