Real Estate Agent 101 – choose right real estate Agent

Real Estate Agent 101 – choose right real estate Agent

At one point or the other in business or personal life, you might need a real estate agent. The insights in this blog are critical to your success in choosing right the real estate agent for yourself or company.

Some real estate agents are known for their aggressive advertising style. You go to their website and are immediately greeted by their “about me” section. In there, they tell you how good they are at selling homes and how many homes they have sold for and the price they are asking for your home. You may see that they do have a real estate background and they are selling houses as a side gig.

Then, they tell you how great they are at selling homes, what a great salesperson they are, how their system can sell your home in two days flat. Then they go on to tell you all sort of things about themselves and how great they are at selling homes.

What you are going to see is lots of negative information about real estate agents. Most of it is not based on facts or experience. They get their information mostly from the Internet. Most of what they say is wrong. I have found that if you have any sort of intelligent discussion with a real estate agent they will usually change their minds or acknowledge things that I have said. However, they are usually in a defensive mode, and you will not be able to get anything past them.

Ways you can get a lot of information from your real estate agent, without having to attack them.

  • I have found that if you are a novice to the real estate market and you tell them what you need help with they will not attack you. Most of the time you can give them just what you need and they will give it to you.
  • If you are an experienced real estate agent you will be able to say things that a new agent would have trouble saying. That will let you get a lot of information without having to go on the attack.
  • When you are already working with them and you are on a friendly basis they will talk about the market and they will talk about your market. In doing that they are most likely giving you all sorts of information that you will never get from anybody else. If you are not an experienced agent you will find that they will let you know things that you can use to help you sell your home.
  • If you are really good at selling homes you will notice things that I do not notice. They are most likely giving me useful information that you could also use.
  • If you have friends who are real estate agents they will be happy to help you. I have found that when you have a friend that can give you information that you need help with that person is more than happy to pass on information that is helpful.
  • Most of the time the information that real estate agents will give you is helpful and you will get it anyway, however if you are really good at selling homes and not a new agent it is good to ask for the information. Ask the questions, find out what the real estate agent knows, how much experience they have, what can they teach you and have them teach you.

What most real estate agents do not want you to know is the information that they have gotten for themselves from other agents. This information they have gotten from their real estate courses, from other agents they know, and from talking to other agents. Some agents only want to talk to people who are buying, and most of the time agents only want to talk to people who are selling. So if you are looking for a real estate agent, just ask the questions and look for the people that want to help you. Then just try to pick the real estate agent that can give you the information that you need, and can help you sell your home.

Make sure you pick the agent that you like and trust. The more you like and trust them the less likely they will be to tell you the information that is most beneficial to you. Choose right real estate agent.