SEO Techniques For Your Site : 5 Key Tips for Your Competitive Edge

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If you`re entering a new market or starting a new website, youre gonna want to find as much low hanging fruit for your SEO strategy as possible.

In this article “The SEO techniques for your site” I will share some of my favorite low hanging fruit that I have found for low hanging fruit for SEO. These low hanging fruits are the sites that show no obvious signs of having been optimized and can therefore pass your SEO abilities onto you. These low hanging fruits will not produce a ton of cash, but are still incredibly easy to manipulate for your SEO purposes.

For the sake of this article I am going to be referring to white hat tactics for my SEO research. This means no Black Hat tricks here. What I mean by SEO tricks is anything that is accepted by the search engines and not frowned upon by the search engines.

1.) Article Submission: The easiest method of manipulating search engines for SEO purposes. Just write an article and submit it to as many article directories as you can. You need to make sure that your article contains a link back to your website somewhere in the text. Also make sure to make your article 100% relevant to the niche.

2.) Link Trading: If you have done your keyword research correctly and have made sure that all your posts and articles are relevant to your niche you will have a huge advantage here. You will have all the links needed to get you back to your website as well as put your website on every other major article directory out there. Again if your site is relevant to your niche you will have an edge over your competition. You can also offer to put your site on any affiliate program.

3.) Video Marketing: This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to manipulate search engines for SEO purposes. You can write a video post and submit it to the various video posting websites. It will only take 20 minutes for you to put up your video, post it to your site and you will have your link back to your video within hours. The video will rank with the link to your site and once it does this you will have your SEO in full force. This is a relatively simple process and you can do it yourself or you can use a service to do it for you.

4.) RSS Feeds: This is by far the most powerful SEO tool to use. If you have a RSS feed to your site you will have an advantage in both search engine rankings and with your visitors. You can use this to get your feeds from social networking sites. You can also use this to get your feeds from article directories. There are many different RSS feed services that are all very reliable.

5.) Video: If you have a video you will also have an advantage over your competition in terms of SEO. Make sure that your video has a link to your site in the text along with having your link in the video. The link should remain visible throughout the video and a descriptive description of your site, products and services along with a link to your site. You can create a video for any subject you want and you should create a number of videos to optimize your site for a number of different keywords and keyword phrases.

When you have a good SEO strategy in place and you optimize your site properly you will have your videos optimized and ranking well in the search engines and you will have your site in a strong position to be seen. There are many different methods that you can use and you should use them all to ensure your SEO success. You will need to be persistent in your efforts and determined in your determination to see results. You need to work with a team of people who will help you and keep you focused and motivated. If you follow these tips you should have a great advantage over your competitors. The tips and advice given in this article are the best and most effective you will find for a site that will be optimized for SEO.

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