Dominance-email mistakes to avoid

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Email Marketing is one of the great tools for reaching out to customers and gain Marketing dominance if well deployed. However, many email mistakes to avoid are easy to make.

Most Common Mistakes you might be making

1. You Start Marketing to Your List Too Soon.

I get it, you’re in business and it makes sense to start marketing to your list immediately once you found your market and your product. But what I don’t understand is why you start marketing too soon. You obviously have a list that you have built over a few months and still are growing. Yet you start marketing to your list right away. I don’t think it is a good idea to send them email offers to purchase right away.

Why not wait and start again a few months down the road?
 Or another 2 months down the road? Or two years down the road?

Think about it. Maybe it is a couple years down the road when your list should have moved on and start looking for other services to buy.

If you are building your list and paying $20 bucks a month for it, then you should be waiting for your list to “grow.” The $20 bucks a month is not going to grow your list in a day. But you can start again when your list has moved on and should be looking for other services to buy.


I have talked to some of my clients that were only building their list and waiting a year and had their list up to 30,000 subscribers. In one of my seminars I told them to break down their list into 3,000 subscribers, which I thought was very aggressive. Then I checked my notes and it was extremely conservative.

A year down the road and your list should be at 7,500 subscribers. At that rate you are targeting people who are not very interested in what you have to sell. The people that actually liked what you had to offer will still be on your list. But they will go out and find a new provider. And they are the ones that you will need to reach into your pocket book to keep the lights on.


Think about this. You have built a list of 7,500 email subscribers. This means that out of 7,500 subscribers only 5,500 are even reading what you send them. Now here’s the thing. People that are not even reading your emails, will be the ones that will be the ones that will unsubscribe from your list. And you know what that means. So how do you then become open and then convert those 5,500 email subscribers into buyers?

4. Not Building a Website.

Do not talk about your website to your list. Not talking about your website means you are losing them. That is unless you have built a website and are sending emails to them on a daily basis. Then they will come to know what your website is all about. And they are also the ones that you will keep because they are also curious. In that case you will get renewed interest from your list. So building a website and keeping your email list interested in your website is a way to maintain your business

These are just a few of the reasons. If you are not sure about what exactly I am talking about that is another topic that I would like to talk about on another day. As you can see, not everyone that comes to join your list will end up buying something. So how do you retain a customer for life?

How to Gain Marketing Dominance:

Attain marketing dominance.

This means you must gain control of your market share. This is a big part of what we mean by marketing dominance. You must be sending messages to your list, even when you are not selling anything. Your goal is to use your email list as a way to get more members, and eventually customers.

Build a list of your clients and customers. 

This is a way to earn money while working on your list building. You do this by being there when your clients need you. You do this by checking in regularly to your list. And above all else, you must be persistent in staying connected to your clients. As a marketer your goal should be to achieve marketing dominance. To be the source of information for your clients. And as your customers become more valuable to you, your list will grow and you will gain a competitive edge.

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