Keyword Research and the New Media – A Key to Success

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Most people who get started with Internet Marketing start out doing keyword research and decide that’s it. The truth is the keyword research process can be performed quickly and efficiently and in many ways is the same as starting a business.

Yes, a business would need to raise funds to get started but it doesn’t cost a cent to get started with Internet Marketing, just a few hours of work and some creativity.

What I have done with my keyword research is divided the Internet into many sub-networks and then looked for keyword phrases that could be used to indicate content, expertise, product, service, opinion or some other factor that a potential customer might be looking for. I have put them into three groups of one each.

Group #1 is the best because it indicates that I want to sell these three things. 

Group #2 indicates that I want to offer this three thing

Group #3 indicates that I want to offer these three things to the customer. The third group would be used to indicate the value of a free offer that I am going to offer. For example, if I wanted to give away something to my visitors at no cost, I would put that in the third group and have that be a free offer.

Once I have these down I can choose to put any type of keywords I like into each group. I can also put lots of spaces or hyphens in between the groups. I can mix them up. What I will do is make sure that the phrase I am going to use is in both group #1 and #2.

I am trying to make sure that I have a high percentage chance of those three phrases that I am targeting to be chosen. I will also use the three phrases that I want them to take home on many times. For example, in the second group I would use the phrase “how to train your dog”. In group #3 I would use the phrase “how to train your dog to …” etc. The idea is to try to maximize my chance of a good hit.

Once I have this down I can also use the same process for many other sub-networks of the Internet. I have also used the same process for newspapers and magazines and Web sites and blogs and Web pages and videos and audio files and image files and other file types. 

All you do is start with a few keywords and see how many sub-networks your target audience has and how many potential keywords your target audience might use. After that, you will use your keyword research and put your main keyword in some as many places as possible.

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