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How to Use html Tags – Keywords and Always Update Your Website

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Ites don’t use the proper HTML tags to identify the content on their site. So, the search engines don’t know what the site is about and thus can’t give it a high ranking. However, this is just one small aspect in the long list of websites that are not ranking well with the search engines because they don’t make use of the necessary tags to identify the website’s content. To learn how to use HTML tags properly is a good start to achieve a high ranking for a website, but even this step isn’t sufficient.

In order to make use of HTML tags properly in order to increase the number of keywords on a page you need to understand how to use HTML tags in your site. It is very important to study how to use these tags because it is the primary thing search engines look for when deciding if a site has relevant content. There are many ways to improve your site’s ranking with HTML tags. Just follow my pointers and you will see great success soon.

In HTML, you have keywords which you can use to mark up your web page. You should make sure your keywords are in your title, the sub title, the heading and the body of your page. Make sure there are no more than 140 characters on your web page. Do this because it doesn’t look good when your site is truncated. Don’t forget to use H1 tag for your homepage. On the home page, the first paragraph should be your keywords. If you used the same keywords in all the pages of your site, the search engines will consider you as having a relevant site. But it is more important to have an extensive list of keywords that all pages use. In a site, use a diverse list of keywords because the search engines are searching for more than one keyword.

Link Mark Up is a tag that you place on the links pointing to your page. To put it simply, link mark up is basically telling the search engine to not consider this link as a link pointing to your page. The more you use it, the better it will be. This is the main tactic used by many webmasters to boost their ranking of their pages.

Keywords should be at least three words long and be specific to your site. Avoid using one word as your keywords are the search engines will consider it as a duplicate. So always be unique. Try to use one keyword per page and build your pages around two keywords. But avoid overuse because the search engines may consider it as spam. I recommend to use five keywords per page and one of the keywords should be at least three words long. The rest one for the sub heading. Make sure your sub heading use your keyword in the first paragraph. The sub heading should be related to the body.

This is a great way to increase your page ranking. Don’t just copy and paste your keywords and stuff them everywhere. Search engines don’t like it. They will also consider the pages as not relevant to the rest of your content. But make sure you use keywords at least once in the first paragraph. Make sure there are plenty of the keyword and a back link. Don’t just stuff the keyword anywhere. Put it in the first and last paragraph. But try to use the keyword in the sub heading, anchor text, and the opening and closing paragraphs. Try to not to use the same keyword more than once in the body.

It is essential that you have good quality back links. Use your keyword a few times in the anchor text and a few times in the heading. Try to have them look natural and not like it was forced. Do link more than one page together. But try to make sure the link is good quality. Don’t link pages that are really unrelated.

You may have also seen the big sites give away free back links. This is very effective and very powerful. Do make sure the links are good quality and you don’t link too many pages together. They are not the only ones that can get a ranking boost. Also the search engines value back links. So one way links are very important and also one way links with any keywords. Also try to use non-reciprocal link as they are less powerful. For non-reciprocal links make sure the link is on a website that is related to the subject of your page.

Don’t be an affiliate. Never use the links in your posts. Not even a link to the product if you don’t have to. For the affiliate you use the affiliate program. Make sure the affiliate program is ethical and have good page rank and good relevance. Use the affiliate program for your free stuff and the more affiliate links that you have, the more bonus you get and the higher your ranking.

Make sure you update your website regularly. So that the search engines can see that you update your website regularly. Keep in mind that a good site will be always in the top 10 of search engines. So update your site or change the content on your site more frequently. If you need to update your website daily then try to make it daily. You will see that the search engines also update you daily. Also try to have your site be easy to search. So keep the structure and layout of the site easy to read and navigate.

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