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If a photos worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? That’s the basis of video marketing, a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns.

And knowing how to spice up your videos is now as important as even making the video to start with.

Video is the future of the Internet and the future of your business. Video is the Internets answer to televisions answer to billboards. Television has given us The Brady Bunch, and The Flintstones; video has given us The Flintstones and The Big Bang Theory.

Video is the Internets answer to televisions answer to billboards. Video is everywhere, but not everyone has gotten on the bandwagon yet. Why are some sites better for marketing than others?

For one thing, the medium rewards good storytelling and creativity. If your website has a video, you can point to it and say, look! This site has a real person behind it, instead of a disembodied voice telling people how great they are. That can be much more compelling than:

Video is also much less expensive. That means you can afford to produce more of it, and more of it means more chance of being seen. Once you start producing videos, you can begin to realize your full marketing potential.

The other advantage of video is that it can be done consistently, and therefore can become part of your marketing routine. This allows you to remain at the top of your field, while consistently adding new skills to your arsenal. The more video you produce, the better your marketing results will become.

You don’t need to worry about having the perfect script, because even if your story is perfect, the recording will still be terrible. Ways to Record a Video:

1. Video on a camcorder. I’ve already mentioned this method. It can be done cheaply, easily and quickly gets results.

2. Video on a screen. This requires more skill and thought, but offers more freedom as well. It’s best to do a test run first though, to see how it feels to operate. If you’re used to talking onto a video screen, it’ll take a while to get used to talking over still images.

If you have the money, and a camcorder, you can hire someone to record your videos for you. Because you control the content, you can choose who speaks, and they can come off as you the best available selection.

3. There’s a third way. You can use a camcorder to record images and talk over them. While the words remain yours, and the images are not yours, the videos are yours. There’s no set path to follow, just go with your intuition. The resulting video will not have your voice in it. This is the most original way to record video.

Do It Yourself Video for Marketing 

1. Camcorders.

You can start recording yourself. You can choose to record in landscape or portrait, and in 1080i or 720p. I prefer 720p. With the new phones coming out soon you can upgrade to a higher resolution, and with the new phones coming soon, they should have better video camera technology.

You can also capture audio with a mic. You can choose to have the image fade out with the sound, or have it loops forever. There are a number of things you can do with camcorder videos.

2. Camtasia

This is a great tool to create video to teach. You can record it using your webcam or your cell phone. It will have you teaching people techniques that you have learned to get more traffic. You can also do screencasts which is exactly what it sounds like.

You will be showing people how to do certain tasks on your computer. Like going to a website, for example, you may want to show them how to go to that website, without actually having to use the website. Just by showing them the steps. These are great for people who don’t want to actually show themselves on camera.

3. Screencast.

With screencasts you can demonstrate your screenwriting software. It allows you to record what your screen is showing you. In the screencast you’re not seeing your face, but instead what your computer screen is showing you. 

You can choose the best parts of the screen and demonstrate how to do something. For example I have a site that allows you to get free information. And I allow people to input their email address and they can get a free report.

It’s a really valuable feature because people who would normally be spamming you with emails might be giving you valuable information. This is a great way to gain trust. These people know you value their input.

This is also a great way to increase traffic. You can do an instructional video and walk your viewers through how to do something.

There are other techniques you can use to make camcorder videos, but these are a few ways you can spice up your video. Try them out and you’ll be amazed at how your camcorder videos can change the way you do marketing.

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