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How To Be Successful with Affiliate Marketing-TOP SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT TIPS.

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Like it or not, time has changed, also changing is our personal and professional engagements. The secret to staying relevant in business is to treat our social media engagement like a classic dinner party in terms of welcoming and spurning a genuine conversation between hosts and guests.

The purpose of this article “How To Be Successful with Affiliate Marketing” is to present key specific tips regarding guests and social media engagement for dinner party social media interaction.

Tip #1: Invite Your Guests to “Come Ask to Ask”.

Everyone knows the power of a question! But not everyone is a public speaker. Your guests probably don’t know you by name. You can be a public speaker and by doing so will be engaging and persuasive in the moment. Ask your guests about their hobbies and interests. You can discuss how they are using their favorite products. Or, you can ask them about an experience they’ve had that you can learn from.

By not guarding the answer, you open up the opportunity for them to be more direct. You’ll be able to answer with authority and make a good impression for future conversations.

How you ask depends on your comfort level and ability.

Tip #2: Invite Guests to “Come Talk About”.

If you don’t know your guests personally, you can also get to know them through their online presence and social media accounts. Ask your guests to tweet you a photo of themselves. And don’t be afraid to get into their social media spaces. By doing so, you’ll have a better sense of who your guests are.

You can also ask them to share their interests, reasons for joining a club, or questions about the menu. They’ll appreciate it as a sign of your concern for them. And if they do start a social media account, they’ll be more likely to follow through and make their presence known online.

Tip #3: Do the Following:

Invite guests to share experiences. Invite them to share their interests. Ask them to share things that make them excited. If they don’t want to say something directly, ask them for examples they can share. Or, ask them for reasons why they’ve spoken.

Tip #4: Offer Resources on Request.

You can provide resources for their projects or projects that they need support on. Provide their members or blog followers with resources for their projects. You can also provide them with a guide for marketing their products. In return, ask them to tweet you a photo of them using the resources.

How you request depends on your relationship with your guest. You can offer them something for nothing. But, you can also ask them to tweet you a photo of them wearing your shirt, or talking about your company.

Tip #5: Make Them Feel Welcome.

Once you’ve prepared the ground work, simply ask your guests if they’d like to come for drinks or dinner. Invite them to join you for dinner, and let them know it’ll be on the house. Ask them if they’d like to send an email to your list about the event. As you have many conversations and dinners, you can ask them to bring a gift for you when they come for a visit. Ask them to be on your mailing list for new products and news. Offer them a free podcast to listen to while waiting.


Your guests need to feel you’re someone they can trust. Give them a call or send them an email. Make sure that they’re aware of their package shipping date. You’ve just established a relationship with your guests, and that’s important because the guests are busy people, and they want to get things done, while you want to get things to them quickly.


There’s a lot to think about when preparing a guest house, a guest plan, and then there’s the guest check list. You need to be flexible to keep the relationship healthy and productive. Ask them to send you a list of items, then ask them to send you another list of items. Make sure to include a few items that have to do with their package. Give them the option to ship directly to their house. Make sure they know that your company will handle the delivery.

Tip #8: Get in the Guest’s eardrums.

Tell them about your company. Give them a small amount of money to invest in your company. Send them product offers. Let them know that there are people who are just as interested in your products as they are, and remind them that they’re helping to fund your business.

Now you understand the 8 basics to make a successful guest checkout setup. Let’s talk about how to make it a 10/10/10/10.


You can’t possibly review your product fully if you don’t know what it is.

Start by reading the sales letter. Check to see if there’s a good chance that you’ll have any of those issues. If there are, write about them. If there aren’t, move on to a more detailed review of the product. If you don’t know much, don’t worry. There are many resources on the internet that will help you get a basic understanding of the product. Find one that fits your style, then move on. Most of the time the one that fits your style will be the most informative.

Tips #2 – Use an advertising tracker to see how many clicks and sales you’re receiving.

This is extremely useful tool. It will give you an idea how many people are actually clicking through your link, and how many are actually purchasing your product. Also, it will give you an idea on how much money you’re wasting by running an advertisement from your website.

Most ad trackers will provide you with the number of clicks it receives from various sources. For example, ads from your website, forum posts, article submissions, press releases, etc. It’ll also tell you how many unique visits it gets per day. This will help you determine if you should scale up your advertising campaign or downsize it. The smaller the number the more you should scale up, and the higher the number the more you should scale down.

Tips #3 – Know your traffic method.

There are hundreds of methods for sending people to your website. This means that you can lose a lot of money in some cases and make little or no money in others. Finding out which methods are effective for your product will save you a lot of frustration.

Once you know which methods work best for you, then use them consistently. This will ensure that you consistently increase your traffic and sales. Keep in mind that these tips are not hard and fast rules. Sometimes using one or two methods will result in poor sales or very little traffic. However, using many methods combined with a little experimentation can result in great traffic and sales.

Once you start using these tips you will find that they are relatively easy to maintain. Many of them will be things like article writing, social networking, PPC, forum marketing, etc. Just focus on one method at a time and each method for a period of time then move to the next method. Do this consistently and you’ll be fine.

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