Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords-kEY FACTS TO KNOW

Understanding consumer behaviour and why you should be using google Adwords is very important to understand in digital marketing. Discover online behaviour of the audiences with the Google Analytics.

If you have a site that is for SEO then learn the SEO trends, their impact and the technical aspects of ranking on the search engine results page.

Understand Search Behaviour and Key Facts to Know in Uncertain Times

I just wrote a book about this. You will be surprised to see the amount of search behaviour we are going through. Google searches are highly volatile, it is more like a stock market than buying vs selling. Search behaviour changes depending on the direction of trends and changes.

Discover Weekly Search Insights from the Google Trends tool:

You can’t make Google trends work but you can learn how to get the most from this Google tool. Google trends can tell you what search terms are being searched weekly for a specific period of time. To give an example, a trend would show that many people searched for the term “Laser printer” at 4pm. At that time, you know that people are going to have laser printers on their desk.

From the trend, you can know the most popular time to conduct a search for specific terms. The more search terms show up, the more traffic and competition you will have for a particular term. Find out the volume of the weekly search terms, the competition level and even which competitors have big wins with search terms, both for their brand and for yours. See the trends by the data provided by the Google trends tool.

Use Google Analytics for a deeper look:

Google analytics offers a great opportunity to look at the data you will get from the website that you’re tracking. This is an online visitor tracking tool that allows you to track the traffic to your website. There are several ways of getting data from this. You can get the data via a Google form, another method is via the Google Analytics dashboard.

It will allow you to configure the information you would like to receive, the demographics of your visitors and the other fields in the Google Analytics reporting where you would like them to enter their information. Find out the demographics of your website visitors and the search terms and keywords that they are using to find your website.

This will help you to be more relevant for those search terms and keywords. Google Analytics reports can also provide you with how many people are leaving your website and returning to it. The more people that are coming back, the more likely you are to receive leads, etc. I recommend using Google Analytics to make sure you don’t miss anything that might affect your website traffic. This also will help you be more effective in generating leads for your business.

Now, these are just some of the data you can track in the Google Analytics dashboard. We can look at, how your visitors are viewing your website. You can see from the analytics reports how many clicks your site has gotten, how many times your site is being read on websites, etc. This is helpful in evaluating your website’s performance and seeing what you need to improve.

The next piece of the puzzle that is very important in regards to your website’s performance, is seeing how your site is being followed. It helps you to know if people are finding your site via search engine results or if they are discovering your website through other online tactics such as word of mouth.

The next piece of the puzzle is looking at your analytics of which keywords are being used to discover your site. This is very important because you want to have content that matches the search terms that your visitors are using to find your site.

This is one of the factors that Google AdWords allows you to measure. Also, there is a Google tool that is available that shows how many pages you have crawled that have the keywords that you are trying to be ranked for. You can also see the keywords that are crawled by your own site, how many pages have a link back to your site, and a link percentage for all of them.

You can see how much a click is costing you, and you can see from the number of sites that are indexed that your site has crawled. This is one of the factors that helps you understand if you need to improve your site, change your strategy, or if your site has hit its stride.

The final piece of the puzzle is looking at how your site is being crawled by the search engine bots. This is really not a factor that Google can measure, but it can help you to know if you need to improve your site’s accessibility to the bots.

You can see if the bots are visiting the home page, or if they are visiting your internal pages. You can see if there is a negative difference between the crawl rates for different pages.

This can show you if your pages are becoming overwhelmed with content, meaning that you are repeating a keyword, or if you need to improve the content on your site. It can also help you know if you are targeting the right keywords that your visitors are searching for, and to improve the way your site is crawled.

Google AdWords is not an infallible measure of your site’s performance. However, with the different options available to you, it can help you improve your site’s performance significantly. With the right set of options, you can take an already performing website and make it perform significantly better.