Dominance-email mistakes to avoid

Dominance-email mistakes to avoid

Email Marketing is one of the great tools for reaching out to customers and gain Marketing dominance if well deployed. However, many email mistakes to avoid are easy to make.

Most Common Mistakes you might be making

1. You Start Marketing to Your List Too Soon.

I get it, you’re in business and it makes sense to start marketing to your list immediately once you found your market and your product. But what I don’t understand is why you start marketing too soon. You obviously have a list that you have built over a few months and still are growing. Yet you start marketing to your list right away. I don’t think it is a good idea to send them email offers to purchase right away.

Why not wait and start again a few months down the road?
 Or another 2 months down the road? Or two years down the road?

Think about it. Maybe it is a couple years down the road when your list should have moved on and start looking for other services to buy.

If you are building your list and paying $20 bucks a month for it, then you should be waiting for your list to “grow.” The $20 bucks a month is not going to grow your list in a day. But you can start again when your list has moved on and should be looking for other services to buy.


I have talked to some of my clients that were only building their list and waiting a year and had their list up to 30,000 subscribers. In one of my seminars I told them to break down their list into 3,000 subscribers, which I thought was very aggressive. Then I checked my notes and it was extremely conservative.

A year down the road and your list should be at 7,500 subscribers. At that rate you are targeting people who are not very interested in what you have to sell. The people that actually liked what you had to offer will still be on your list. But they will go out and find a new provider. And they are the ones that you will need to reach into your pocket book to keep the lights on.


Think about this. You have built a list of 7,500 email subscribers. This means that out of 7,500 subscribers only 5,500 are even reading what you send them. Now here’s the thing. People that are not even reading your emails, will be the ones that will be the ones that will unsubscribe from your list. And you know what that means. So how do you then become open and then convert those 5,500 email subscribers into buyers?

4. Not Building a Website.

Do not talk about your website to your list. Not talking about your website means you are losing them. That is unless you have built a website and are sending emails to them on a daily basis. Then they will come to know what your website is all about. And they are also the ones that you will keep because they are also curious. In that case you will get renewed interest from your list. So building a website and keeping your email list interested in your website is a way to maintain your business

These are just a few of the reasons. If you are not sure about what exactly I am talking about that is another topic that I would like to talk about on another day. As you can see, not everyone that comes to join your list will end up buying something. So how do you retain a customer for life?

How to Gain Marketing Dominance:

Attain marketing dominance.

This means you must gain control of your market share. This is a big part of what we mean by marketing dominance. You must be sending messages to your list, even when you are not selling anything. Your goal is to use your email list as a way to get more members, and eventually customers.

Build a list of your clients and customers. 

This is a way to earn money while working on your list building. You do this by being there when your clients need you. You do this by checking in regularly to your list. And above all else, you must be persistent in staying connected to your clients. As a marketer your goal should be to achieve marketing dominance. To be the source of information for your clients. And as your customers become more valuable to you, your list will grow and you will gain a competitive edge.

understanding your Marketing Campaign-the key terms to know

understanding your Marketing Campaign-the key terms to know

To play top notch in email marketing campaign, certain knowledge is a most. For instance, knowing the Open Rate of a Marketing mail in email marketing campaign management. When you are email marketing online, open rate is the percentage of emails that are opened.

1. GRate:

In order to get the open rate of a marketing email, you have to know how many emails you sent out were opened by your subscribers. This can be done by doing an email rate report. The open rate is reported as an open rate percentage. For example, let say your open rate percentage is 20%, you can conclude that 20% of the emails you sent out were opened by your subscribers.

2. Average Rate:

You can also get an average open rate by doing a rate report. You can conclude that 80% of the emails were opened by your subscribers.

3. Max Rate:

If you want to know what is the highest email open rate you can get, you can do a max rate report. This report indicates the email open rate that you get when your subscribers are subscribed to your newsletter for the maximum period of time.

Here the term maximum period of time means the minimum time the subscribers need to see your email for a maximum number of times. In the example, the maximum period of time could mean the minimum number of times they can see your email in order to get it to be considered opened.

4. Median Rate:

Lastly, you can get an average email open rate by doing a median rate report. In this report, you can indicate the open rates that are below or above the median rate you specified.

The purpose of the open rate report is to understand the effectiveness of your marketing email by comparing open rates for different campaigns.

The open rate report is the average of all the email you sent out to your subscribers, so if you have 10000 emails in your account, you can do an open rate report and deduce that 80% of the emails sent out were opened, 20% of the emails were opened, and 10% of the emails were opened.

If you specified that the open rates should be below the median rate of your campaign, then you can deduce that 10% of the emails were opened, while the open rate that was above the median, you can deduce that 80% of the emails were not opened.

Open rate calculation – what is it?

* If you send out 10,000 emails, then the open rate percentage for each of your 10,000 emails will be 20%, 20%, 10%, and 10% respectively. (Your number will be in these percentages because the percentages are rounded to the nearest integer.)

* If you specify a median rate of 10%, then the open rate percentage of all 10000 emails will be 20%, 20%, 10%, 10%, 10%, and 10%. This means that 20% of all 10000 emails were opened, and 10% of the 10000 emails were opened above the median of 10%.

You can calculate the open rate by dividing your reported email open rate percentage by 10000. You can specify that the number in the report should be rounded to the nearest integer, so you can round up to 100% and you can round down to 0%.

This will result in an open rate percentage of 20%, 20%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, and 0%. This can be converted to decimal form by adding or subtracting 2 to the percentage, or rounding up or down 2 to the integer portion.

The following table is an example of email open rates and a table of conversions/click through rates:

When this is looked at from the emails sender point of view, gives an idea of how well a marketing email is working.

Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email Sender Email the webmaster – this should be included within your email marketing campaign, your email list is a list of addresses only.

Don’t send out attachments. There are ways of sending out the emails, without including your actual web site address in it. You can provide a link from your web site, that should go to the web site directory, instead of including it in your email campaign.

Don’t ever include any .htm files or .html files. These are considered attachments and look like images, and many email programs won’t show them.

Don’t include your full mailing address in your email. If you have a web site, then don’t include it in your email. Your email marketing software should generate the full domain name of your address, for you to add your mailing address in the email.

* Create your content:

This should be a good deal of work for your webmaster. Your emails should be well composed content, that tells your subscribers how your content is beneficial to them. Include links to your web site, where they can find the information that you’re selling to them.

When they click the link, they should be directed to your web site where they can find this information. Don’t include any HTML files or images in your email. Do not send a high number of email messages in one campaign. If you do this, your subscribers will be irritated, and won’t be able to open and read your email.

The main point is that your email should contain no more than 500 words, with a catchy headline, some interesting and helpful content, and the name of your web site in the heading. You don’t want to make your email seem “heavy”, and it should have a good flow to it.

You should be able to navigate through the email quickly. If your website is a website that’s only about dogs, don’t include a section that’s only about dogs.

How to Create an Easy Website-Generates Enough Income to Run a profitable Business

How to Create an Easy Website-Generates Enough Income to Run a profitable Business

If you have a sound social engagement plan in place, you do not have to rely on any single source of traffic. It would be a big mistake to only use one marketing tool to drive visitors to your site. If you are able to maintain a steady flow of traffic to your site, you can build a huge list of subscribers and then use other marketing strategies as and when you see fit. This is how one of the most successful Internet marketers has been able to grow his business into a multi-million dollar empire.

To prove that you can do this, know how to create an easy website to generate enough income to run a profitable business, here is a list of some of the marketing tools that one of the most successful Internet marketers has been able to use to drive people to his website and make money. This list is a brief summary of what some of the top Internet marketers are using and has made him a millionaire.

The first thing that this Internet marketer started using was the list-building technique. He would start sending personalized emails to all of the potential subscribers that he knows and has some kind of relationship with. This is something that you should not do if you want to get massive traffic to your website. This will just waste your time and also money. These emails are basically sales pitches in disguise and all the emails that he sends to those subscribers that he knows and has some kind of relationship with are eventually passed on to the next level of subscribers as well.

You see, this Internet marketer first focuses on generating a large list of email addresses to use for his business. He then starts sending personalized emails to the list of people that he knows and has some kind of relationship with. This list of people that he knows and has some kind of relationship with has proven to be a very good customer base for him.

Thereafter, he starts using the list for his own commercial ventures. These commercial ventures are mostly online programs that have some kind of link (paid or free) that the subscribers can get into for more information on the program.

This Internet marketer started using the list-building technique and started sending out personalized emails to his list of subscribers that he knows and has some kind of relationship with. He then started selling affiliate programs to those people on his list.

This Internet marketer uses the list-building technique again to generate a larger list of subscribers to use in his “commercial ventures.” He then starts sending out emails to those people, that he knows and has some kind of relationship, for free information on various affiliate programs.

I have been using this Internet marketer’s commercial ventures as an affiliate myself and I can tell you that it is quite easy and quite profitable.

The subscriber will get all the information and support that he needs to start commercial ventures on the Internet. He gets targeted traffic because he is sending these emails from himself. He gets a free email account from the Internet marketer and the Internet marketer gets paid for the Commercial Ventures that he makes. This is what the commercial venture is all about.

The Commercial Ventures

Commercial Ventures can be of any kind. They may be in any niche (This is the niche that your commercial venture is in). They may be paid or free. They may be in a niche that your commercial venture is very familiar with (This means that your commercial venture is familiar with the niche). They may be of any length. The Commercial Venture that you send out will be at the point that you specify. You could just send one email, a series of emails or one email every week (this is a free Commercial Venture). They may be as long as a Sales Letter, a Marketing Report or a Business Plan. The length may be as short as a couple of pages or as long as an entire report.

The message may be at any point. The message may be in the form of an email or a newsletter or a report or a memo. You may be sending emails to your contacts, to a mailing list, or to a mailing list that is stored. This will depend on the kind of Commercial Venture that you send out and the way that you set it up (this is where you will find the Commercial Venture that you will send the email to, where you will set it up, what you will do in the form of options and how you will set it up.

The Commercial Venture that you send out will depend on many factors, including the kind of Commercial Venture that you choose to send out (this is what makes a Commercial Venture so lucrative).

The kind of person that you are and the way that you speak will also have a large role to play in what kind of Commercial Venture you send out. You will not be able to send out an email that is very friendly to a business like yours.

The Commercial Venture that you send out may be a Sales Letter, a Marketing Report or a Business Plan. The purpose will be to teach people something or to share something useful that you have found to be useful or interesting or to help you make money online. Your message may also be to inform your recipients about a product that you have found or have discovered or have come across, a story that you have come across or a tip that you have found. Your message may be in the form of a memo, a coupon or a email tip. Whatever your message may be, the message must be a good one. If you have made an error or you have made a mistake then you must correct the mistake or error and the mistake.

You may also make the Commercial Venture out of an event that you have been to.

Whatever your message is you must be able to distill the message of the Commercial Venture into a single sentence or short paragraph. The Commercial Venture must be able to stand on its own. It must be able to stand on its own feet. A good Commercial Venture should not be confused with a great Commercial Venture. It is not a prerequisite.

You will need to have a Proven, working, easy-to-use Commercial Web Marketing Website. I am talking about a website that is able to drive a good flow of traffic to your site. It needs to have a webmaster tool so that you can add your own keywords to your website. It must be able to track what search terms your potential customers are using to find your website. It must be able to receive text messages from your potential customers. It must allow you to schedule text messages to be sent to potential customers.

You will also need to be able to communicate with your subscribers and customers.

You will need to be able to receive e-mails. It must be able to send e-mails. It must allow you to respond to your subscribers.

What I am pointing out to you is that you need to be able to create an easy-to-use, strong and powerful website. It should not take more than 15 to 20 minutes to build your website and it should be able to generate an income within a week.

Email Mail Marketing – 3 Tips to Keep Your Email List Marketing Profitable

Email Mail Marketing – 3 Tips to Keep Your Email List Marketing Profitable

The universal mantra of all the 7 figures digital marketer is ” take everything away and I will be back as long my email list is intact”.

The key issue is growing of your “Email List with the right Right People” which is an important and challenging part of email marketing. The goal is to drive email marketing campaigns that will increase your sales while minimizing your losses. This process requires that you have good personal relations with the people on your email list, to the point that they are willing to provide you feedback that will help you improve the product. In return you provide them with good content in return, as the feedback that they provide is valuable.

Let’s put aside the issue of personal relations for a moment and focus on the subject of content. The first thing that you should do when you have decided on a policy and a product is to decide on the focus for your email list.

In the past people were willing to subscribe to anything, and there was a lot of free information available on the web. This has created a lot of problems. More importantly it has created a lot of opportunity costs. That is you are missing out on the opportunity to make money by selling things to your email list. So what is the best practice in building a successful email list?

By profitable list I mean a list that brings in revenue for you. Your list needs to be built around a solid strategy, or you are simply wasting time and money.

Now if you decide that you will focus on promoting products and you drive them to a sales page and get them to buy what you promote, then you will drive lots of traffic to the page that brought them to your site in the first place. This is a great strategy because it is one that has proven to work, is very simple to implement, and will help you keep your subscribers while boosting your income. The next thing is that you need to provide them with good content. Your subscribers will need to receive more than a sales pitch from you. In fact the majority of people won’t buy what you promote because they think it is too good to be true. They will think it is just a means to make money for yourself. They will be right. If you aren’t careful you will do damage to your brand reputation. This can be costly. So it is smart to have a strategy that will help generate repeat sales or inquiries.

some examples of good business practices and why it works.

  • Never promote something to your list that is in direct competition with something they have already bought, bought on sale, or are considering purchasing. This is the most important strategy. Your list won’t trust you if they think you are constantly trying to sell them something. Focus on providing good content instead.
  • Never promote something that is designed purely to get you more sales. You are wasting your time and money with this type of promotion. Your list will grow distrustful of you if you do this.
  • Never promote a product that you have never used and have no idea whether or not it works. Unless it is an exclusive, tested, proven formula, then you may promote it to your list. You must be able to provide proof of the formula or it won’t be promoted. If you are not confident in what you are selling, then you should not be promoting it to your list.

  • Never promote a product that is too good to be true. Your list will not trust you if you promote something that they think is too good to be true. There is a good chance they may un-subscribe from your list and mark your emails as spam.
  • Never do anything to harm your reputation in your subscribers eyes. This includes creating or hosting a list that is considered spam. The more unsubscribes from this list, the more your reputation will become a problem. Do you want to be branded as a spammer?
  • Never promote a product to your list that is not in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act. All sales representatives and affiliates must follow this act. It may seem obvious, but too many people still do this.

Follow these tips and your email list marketing should become successful and even profitable. This is a strategy to use in your e-mails if you are looking to succeed.

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Email Readings?-How to Get People to Read Your Third Email

Email Readings?-How to Get People to Read Your Third Email

Studies show that practically 80% of sales leads need in any event 5 subsequent meet-ups after the underlying sales meeting. However, almost 44% of salesmen surrender after only 1 development, or neglect to follow-up out altogether.

So what gives? Why do only 44% of salespeople follow-up? in this blog, email reading: How to to get people to read your third email, gives 3 reasons you are wasting your time:

1. Follow-up #1 – You are trying to do too much.

Most salespeople think that if they follow-up with their leads weekly, they are meeting their lead’s needs. Unfortunately this is not the case. Most salespeople only meet their leads once a week. Some salespeople meet their leads monthly, but most salespeople meet their leads quarterly.

The reason is that most people prefer to have enough time to themselves to finish their sales process and have a break. Studies indicate that most salespeople will only need to spend 5 minutes with their leads in order to close the sale. This is not enough time, as most people prefer to finish their sales process after 20 minutes of browsing and socializing, instead of after 15 minutes of sales pitches.

To make matters worse, most salespeople believe that they need to be more like a coach or counselor than a salesperson. Most salespeople want to be more friend than salesperson, which is why they meet their sales process at least once a week, and only need to spend 5 minutes with their leads.

2. Follow-up #2 – You don’t make the effort.

Most salespeople try to sell with every email they send out. This is a big mistake. If you try to sell with every email you send out, you will fail. Instead, you should write emails that give valuable content to your leads and then recommend products to them. In your email content you can promote a product, tell a story, talk about an experience, sing your religion’s praises, talk about your accomplishments, or even endorse another product.

One of the things you must do is write the emails as if you were talking to someone one on one. This is important because most people are not familiar with your style and would not consider you a real threat and would not recommend a better salesperson instead. Instead, they would think of you as someone who would spam them with a myriad of products and products. You could promote this way, but you could also promote this way and compliment another product and the salesperson, instead. This is the difference between being too polite and too aggressive. Instead, you could be the most salesman person you could be, but the salesperson just wouldn’t have the desired effect.

3. Follow-up #3 – You are a negative influence.

You want your product to sell, of course, but you don’t want to scare off the people who were interested in the first two emails. You need to be positive and enthusiastic about the product, but you must maintain a good demeanor and not make the following emails sound like you are pressuring them. When you do this, they will not be motivated to get your product because they will associate you with your negative tone. You want them to look to the third email to see if they like the product enough to buy it, and if you have been in contact enough that they trust you to recommend it. This is possible when you are positive and enthusiastic about your product and you give people a reason to buy it.

4. Follow-up #4 – You don’t give them a reason to buy it.

The main goal of the third email is to make the salesperson and the product look like they have a strong relationship and that you are really their friend. If you are enthusiastic about the product you are recommending and make it sound like they are a good guy, then you will get a better response than if you just gave them a reason to buy it. But even if you are enthusiastic about the product, the product’s sales are still dependent upon the response you get from the first two emails.

Without the third email, the sales person is just another salesman in the lot. If the product sales are poor, then the company is still in bad shape. Even if they are doing well overall, they will still have a poorer time selling the product. This is the truth that you need to understand as you plan your third email. It is also important to realize that, after the product is purchased, it will still take some time before you can expect to get full sales response. And the time between your first two emails will give your sales person time to build up their relationship with the customer so that they can promote it again. And even if you have great content for the third email, the company has likely learned some of what you have given them so that they can promote it again. So if you aren’t selling the product in your third email, then you really are just another sales person in the lot.

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